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●uspicion that the missionaries to whom he o●wed his conversion had decei●ved him, were clutching at his heartst▓rings. “Ireland” he cried, tremu●lously, “Th

d.” Ov


en you are not a Buddhis●t! Irishmen are Christians.All sahibs are Chris●tians,” and he glanced nervously▓ at the grinning Burmese about▓ us. “Yah! Thot’s wha

er t●he f


t the Christian faker●s tell ye,” snapped the Irishman.●“What’s thot ye’ve got” Th▓e Hindu turned over several of the tr▓acts.They were separate books o●f

ace of the


the Bible, printed in Engl●ish and Hindustanee. “Bah!” said Damalak▓u, “It’s bad enough to see whit●e Christians.But the man who swallows all the▓ ro

t the sahib missionaries ●dish oop fer him, whin the thrue faith lies▓ not a day’s distance, is disgoostin’.Ye shud● be ashamed of yerself.” “It’s a nic●e religion,” murmured the convert. ▓ “Prove it,” snapped the Irishman. T▓he Hindu accepted the challenge, a●nd for the ensuing half-hour● we were witnesses

of the novel● spectacle of a sahib stoutly ▓defending the faith of the East against a ●native champion of the religion of the West.Un●fortunately, he of the wooden leg was n



o ▓match for the learned bishop.H▓e began with a parrot-like repetition of ●Christian catechisms and, having ▓spoken his p



iece, stood helpless▓ before his adversary.A school boy ●would have presented the case more co●nvincingly.366The Irishman,



who● knew the Bible by heart, evidently, fro●m Genesis to Revelations, quoted liberall▓y from the Scriptures in support of



●his arguments, and, when the Hindu questione▓d a passage, caught up one of the pamphlet▓s and turned without the slighte▓

native spread an expres▓sion of suffering, as if the awful s
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